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by That Kind of Girl on January 4, 2013

I celebrated my 24th birthday in New York City, with two of my best friends, and they decided to give me whatever sort of birthday I wished. I contemplated 24 in 24 (staying up all night, getting dangerous) or maybe an elaborate cultural treasure hunt through the city (live my own movie montage of NYC moments), but finally decided on something more achievable: 24 things I wished I could do every day.

Today I found that list for the first time in a few years:

  1. Exercise
  2. Hang with Muscles and Justice
  3. Kickass brunch
  4. Levain cookie
  5. Belgian beer
  6. Lie in a park
  7. Be inspired by something made by artists
  8. Call my mom
  9. Elegant cocktail
  10. Long walk
  11. Eat somewhere I’ve only ever heard of
  12. Take one great photo
  13. Ice cream
  14. Listen to Justice say something that only Justice could say
  15. Sing
  16. Learn a bit of cocktail-party knowledge
  17. Something street related [I have zero idea what this means]
  18. Gawk at something like a tourist, looking extremely uncool
  19. Put a great song on a jukebox
  20. Play a game of some sort
  21. Ask a bartender to invent me a drink
  22. Try a food I’ve never tasted before
  23. Gaze. Yearningly.
  24. Something incredibly dudely

Okay, obviously I couldn’t keep up all of the food-and-bev-related dreams every day without lopping twenty years off my life expectancy, but on the whole, not a bad list. I’d be a happy woman if I could do five or six of those things every day. It seems almost … achievable.

High five for a rare burst of prescient wisdom, Baby Kat!

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nikki January 12, 2013 at 4:19 pm

#8? Do it. My mom died last month, and while I talked to her a few times a week, I now wish it had been more frequent.


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